The project provides for construction of above-ground and underground facilities to solve the problems of Ashgabat life-support system, namely:

  • lower the ground waters level in the most flooded districts of the city;
  • increase reliability of municipal sewage system, water supply and communication systems and improve conditions of their exploitation;
  • raise the efficiency of surface and subsurface waters use by increasing the volume of water suitable for irrigation.


Construction of Drainage and Communication Tunnel is performed in a high seismicity zone (up to 10 under the Richter scale).

Drainage and Communication Tunnel facilities comprise:

  • drainage and communication tunnels with 6 m. outside diameter and length of 16500 m.;
  • two discharge tunnels with diameter of 3.5 m. and length 13820 m.;
  • end section of the tunnel with cross-section of 6.6 x 3.7 m., built using cut-and-cover method of tunnel construction;
  • process chambers - 22 items. Construction of chambers is carried out using the "diaphragm wall" technique;
  • shaft wells - 72 items.

Construction of radial drainage wells is envisaged for lowering the ground waters level in the most flooded part of the city. Drainage pipes made of corrosion resistant polymer materials will be installed in drainage wells with diameter of 200 mm. The radial drainage wells will be drilled out of the process chambers by HDD rigs.


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