Technical capacities

  1. Shield tunnelling. Construction of tunnels is performed with earth pressurised balanced shields, manufactured by Herrenknecht, Germany.

  2. Construction of process chambers is carried out using the “diaphragm wall” technique with Casagrande (Italy) drilling rigs, types B-180 and B-125.

  3. Wells for lowering the water table are constructed with the drilling rigs.

  4. Trenchless tunnelling method (horizontal directional drilling) is used, for what CMS 9015 TMSC drilling rigs by Robbins (USA) are deployed.

  5. Drilling and blasting method ,  using the tunnel boring machine. For anchor lining, Sandvik drilling rig capable of performing multiple operations is used: drilling holes, setting anchors and installation of reinforcing arches and frames for temporary lining. Application of shotcrete temporary lining to the excavated surfaces is performed with Sika unit on pneumatic tires. Modular permanent tunnel lining is made using a mobile metal formwork. Delivery of concrete is performed with mixer trucks in the tunnel. Its laying behind the formwork is made with concrete pump CIFA

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